FAQ: Answers To Most Popular Questions. My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

If you have any questions about the game, then perhaps the answers to these questions can be found on this page.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

How to restart the game My cafe?!

  In order to start the game again, you need to remove it from your phone and reinstall it.


What to do when there are not enough coins for shopping?

You can wait and save coins, but it is better to pay with diamonds and immediately get what you want. This will save a lot of time!


How to move furniture or machines?

  To move the furniture or a machine, click on it and hold it for a couple of seconds.


Different colors of prices in the recipe menu?

Price color means:

Green – the customers will definitely buy this product.

Yellow – many customers will not want to buy this

Red – no one agrees to pay so much.


  Devices with stars?

In the store, you can buy devices with a simplified configuration. These devices are marked with stars. They are cheaper, but they will need to be improved.


How to improve the machine?

Ask Tatiana or press and hold your finger on the desired device, and then click on the enhance button.


What if the TV screen is dark and the movie does not start?

  So you’ve already seen everything that was available at the moment. Do not worry, after a while the TV will turn on itself. You just have to wait. You will again be able to see the ads and get plenty of diamonds.



An access to the “Wardrobe” has appeared. Do you need to buy clothes?

  Yes, but you only need to pay once. A purchased item can be put on all workers, no matter how many there are!


  What items of clothing are available in the “Wardrobe”?

  Shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, aprons, aprons and shoes.


  What about skirts, can they be put on guys?

  Try and find out. By the way, I received information that the range of “Wardrobe” will be regularly updated. Stay tuned so you don’t miss something super stylish or exotic.


  How to get to the “Wardrobe” menu?

  Very simple. Click on the employee and select the option to talk about changing their appearance.


Small town

When will I get access to the town and why do I need it?

  At level 7, you can create or join a town where you can perform new and interesting tasks. Join other players in the towns or create your own and become a leader in it. You will be able to communicate with other cafe owners, help each other, participate in Festivals. The more the merrier, right?


  Does the owner of the town get any advantages?

  Of course! The owner decides whom to accept into the Town, and whom to exclude from it. In addition, he/she decides how the town will develop and to which buildings to allocate funds from the City Treasury.


  What is the Treasury for?

  The treasury is needed to collect resources for new buildings in the town. All residents of the Township can contribute to the Treasury in order to achieve its prosperity. By the way, contributions are absolutely voluntary!