How To Earn Money In The My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

How To Earn Money

You need to follow a set of rules to earn a lot of money, i.e. coins in the game:

 do not forget to raise prices in your menu after each level is completed. Because the higher the level of the cafe, the higher the prices. Keep them in the Green range to get the most profit.

 After each entry into the game, check which promotions are currently taking place (marked with a red ball in the menu) and increase the prices for recipes that include promotional items.

 Buy in a TV store and get diamonds for watching commercials.

 Buy a box for spices and sell recipes with special spices to visitors! Your customers will be happy to pay a lot of money for them!

 The more items of the same style and the more expensive they are, the more tips you will receive. The maximum effect can be obtained if all the items in the cafe of the same style.

 Margaret can buy items from our warehouse, one per day. This doesn’t necessarily brings a lot of money, but it is more profitable than simply throwing out unnecessary things.

 By beating Margaret with dice you make a lot of money.

 Play a quiz with visitors, answering correctly the questions which will bring you rewards.