About My Cafe Game, Cooking Restaurant Game

The essence of this game is the successful running of a coffee shop. After installation, a small room and basic coffee and baking recipes will be available. But, if you know how to attract customers, then your cafe can turn from a small diner into one of the most elite places of the city.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

Each successfully served customer not only pays you money, but also raises your rating. And the higher it is, the more recipes for delicious desserts and drinks you will get. In My Cafe, you need to follow literally every aspect of your business. We need not only the skills of baristas or pastry chefs, but also designer. You, as the manager of the cafe, will have to choose and buy items for the interior.

Do not forget about the financial side of this matter. You will need to set prices for the range of cafes so that you can not only increase the influx of visitors, but also the amount of money in a virtual account. Thanks to this money, it will be possible to expand and hire new members of your team. But, each of them has its own character. You, as a manager, need to find an approach not only for each client, but also for each of your employees.

However, the main thing in this game are customers. Talk to them, give advice and force them to share their taste preferences, so you can please each of them.