My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. Gameplay And Game Features On PC

After installation, a small room and some funds on the account are available. They are enough to buy a bar and a cheap coffee machine. Then you can open and wait for the first visitors. Make drinks and pastries. The more complicated the dessert or drink, the more money it will bring to you.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. Gameplay And Game Features On PC

Afterwards, everything will get much more complicated. You will be asked for drinks with complex ingredients. And these be purchased only for special crystals. In addition, you will have to use special equipment, which also costs extra.

Managing characters is simple. At the same time, it is necessary to follow special rules:

• Every visitor is important. In order for a cafe to become profitable, you need not just to serve customers, but also talk to them. The place where the client is sitting is important for getting stars and raising your level. In addition, if the client likes it, he will definitely return to your cafe, and will again give their money and increase your rating.

• Pay attention to interesting recipes. The more complicated the recipe, the more money it can bring to you. Creating recipes, especially complex ones, is a kind of puzzle. Solving which, you can make more money for your cafe. But remember that the more complex the recipe, the more expensive the ingredients and equipment.

• Do not forget about the interior. In order to attract visitors to your café, you need to make it original. The range and prices are only half the battle. Do not forget about the interior decoration of the room. It should be beautifully decorated. Then your visitors will leave more tips.

• Buy land for city residents. When your level becomes sufficient for the possibility of expanding the city, buy land for new citizens. After all, each of them is a potential client of your cafe.

The greater the level of your skill in “My Cafe”, the more the game turns into a business simulator. There are more processes that need to be monitored and tasks to be performed. You need to try hard in order to develop, and not go bankrupt.

Controls in the game

Playing My cafe: Recipes and stories on the computer are very simple. All necessary actions can be performed using the mouse, as well as the keyboard. The emulator will easily transfer all the necessary action to peripheral devices of the computer. It’s very simple to use the mouse in the game, and thanks to the large screen it is more convenient to do it than when using a small screen of a smartphone or tablet.