Tips And Tricks My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

You can learn all the secrets and tricks My Cafe yourself while playing, the most important thing is to read all the game tips and tricks.

Tips And Tricks My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

The higher the level of prestige of the cafe, the more interesting it is to play! New visitors will drop by and tell you their stories, you will get access to new devices, decorations, furniture and recipes. Follow the requests of visitors. They give a lot of “Prestige” (“stars”), making the café develop rapidly! A bit of “Prestige” can be received for serving visitors, buying machines, furniture and decorations!

You may have noticed that visitors have requested several dishes with special spices in a row. If you complete all orders for such a client, you will receive an additional reward!

Click on a worker or a coin to collect money. Collect revenue regularly.

You can independently serve visitors. Ask what they want and take the necessary dish.

Tap on the machines to make drinks. This will speed up the work of the staff!

You can receive gifts from visitors for completing their tasks. Gifts can be very valuable items. The greater the gift, the greater the chance of finding a valuable item.

Your employees have useful skills. When an employee gains a new level, you can improve one skill for free:


Increases employee speed. At level 5 of this skill, the employee runs 35% faster. On the 10th, 60% faster!

Price for all recipes!

You can raise the prices of all recipes! At the 5th level of this skill, prices can be increased by 20%. At 10th level, they can be increased by 30%.

Daily Simple Gift

You receive a simple gift every day. At the 5th level, you get 2 gifts. At 10th level you receive 3 gifts.

Master of Persuasion

In case the guest doesn’t want the dish, the employee may suggest another. At the 5th level of skill you will be offered a new dish in 25% of cases. The 10th level offers a new dish in 50% of cases.

Collect new recipes from different products. As soon as you open a new recipe, your staff will immediately learn how to do it.

Connect the game to Facebook! You will save progress if you reinstall the game and can play with one coffee shop on all your devices.

In the stock section there is unique equipment. Some of them can make several cups at a time. Others are stylish, they allow you to arrange your cafe in the same style and get a lot of tips. And there are devices that do both.

All equipment purchased in this section of the store can be put in a cafe in addition to the one already installed. This will allow visitors to fulfill orders even faster! Still, the devices from the “Action” section of the store do not bring Prestige points.