Hidden clothes in Watch Dogs 2. Secret costumes

Hidden clothes in Watch Dogs 2. Secret costumes

Watch Dogs 2 turns players into Marcus – the stylish hipster hacker in the gaming world of San Francisco, Oakland or Marina. The main character can customize your look with the help of various clothes and costumes. Clothes can be bought for money in the shops of the city, obtained through various side missions, or you can simply find hidden clothes in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world action-adventure multiplatform computer game, which was released on November 15, 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and on November 29, 2016 on Microsoft Windows.

The game takes place in an alternative version of the city of San Francisco, possibly in 2016. The main character of the game, Marcus Holloway, “has the ability to manage the infrastructure of the city using a powerful computer that can manage everything: from data recording to the operation of power lines”

Hidden clothes in Watch Dogs 2

This guide will teach you where find out where to find all the hidden clothes. Not the ones that can be bought in stores, but scattered around the locations of the game world.


Location: Sausalito and the Gates Houseboats
A long-sleeved Top Lombard T-shirt is hiding in the northwest of this area near a tree by the porch of the house. Look at the blue Tshirt icon on the minimap when you’re close by.


Location: Upper part of the city
A short-sleeved T-shirt is hidden in the Chinatown area, where guards patrol along with a robot. Kill them to get this garment item. If you find it difficult to find, then follow the blue marker icon.

Локация: City center
The cap is hidden on the balcony in the diner in the southwest corner.

Город – San Francisco

Location: Lombard Street
Find a residential building in the area and go up to the balcony. You will see a small carport close by. Climb it to reach the balcony and find Cap Crossroads.

The Ferry Building T-shirt is hidden in the patio area. Climb the barn to get to the roof.

A sweater with a Japanese city is hidden behind a fenced territory, use a marker to get to the place. You will find on the top of the duct on the lower roof of the building.

Location: Coit Tower
Go to the restricted area where five gang members gathered to find the cap of Lake Merritt (Cap Lake Merrit).

Location: Dock
Head to the eastern coastline and go to the top of the building to find the Fisherman’s Sweater.

Location: Administrative center
Follow the marker to reach the building. Climb the stairs from the southwest side of the building. You need to get to the roof of this building.

Location: Mission in the Dolores park
Lift the pallet in order to find the Oakland cap.

A dark sleeveless T-shirt is hidden near a large container, follow the marker.

Location: San Bruno Mountain
Go to the beach where the four gang members are located and grab your Skyline T-shirt.

Location: Аlcatraz
Follow the badge with a marker to get to the place and find a large pillar guarded by opponents. On the pillar you will see the Twin Peaks mask.