How to open the Gladiator Arena in Assassins Creed Origins

The Gladiator Arena in Assassin’s Creed: Origins is a special kind of activity in the game. This is a battle arena in which you can fight with more difficult opponents, where you can become the owner of the legendary costume of the Roman Legionnaire. The fights themselves can be difficult, but most people seem to have difficulty getting access to the arena. That’s why we wrote a guide that shows you how to unlock the Gladiator Arena in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

How to open the Gladiator Arena in Assassins Creed Origins

General Information on the Gladiator Arena

There are two places where battles take place in the arena. One of them can be unlocked at an early stage of the game, at about level 23. The other is more difficult, and the proposed level is about the 30th. The goal is to defeat the three waves of enemies, so you can unlock and fight the boss. Two bosses are available in the Crocodilopolis arena, and five more are on the Cyrenée arena. Successful passing will reward you with experience, and bosses will drop the legendary gear. To make this task harder, you will start each battle with a predetermined set of weapons. Before you enter the arena, it is important to have a decent set of combat abilities. Circumstances in arenas can help or hinder the player. Some of them cannot be mitigated, like a pit filled with thorns – getting into it leads to instant death. Others, like animals in cages, can be an advantage.

How to unlock the Gladiator Arena in Crocodilopolis

The arena of the Crocodilopolis gladiators is located in the Fayoum Oasis (zone of level 28-31), in the southern part of the map. To unlock this arena, you must first complete a side quest called “Champion”. This quest can be found in the northwestern part of Crocodilopolis, where you will be assigned the task of helping the old gladiator. There is also a main story quest level 28 called “Jaws of the Crocodile”, which takes you directly to this arena. Its completion may also be required to enter the arena.