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1964 Gibson SG Standard - Nickel Parts

$ 9500

Type:Electric Guitar
Series:Gibson SG
Model:SG Standard

Seller Description

Up for sale is this killer 1964 Gibson SG Standard in original cherry finish with nickel hardware.
This is THE year for the SG Standard! As a solidly pre-1965 Gibson guitar, it still sports the wider 1 and 11/16th inch nut width. Well around 1960 Gibson switch to a razor thin neck profile that stuck around for a few years, by 64 you see that thicken up a bit to a nice medium C profile.
Famous players from George Harrison to Eric Clapton also utilized 1964 SGs at different times in their careers, which makes it all the more appealing to the player in the collector.
The pots on this one all date to 1964. Most of the original parts are still on the guitar. These are all quite valuable and could be sold on their own, but I’m keeping this one as much as I can together. The nickel “Lyre” tailpiece is original. It currently has Tonepros nickel aged bridge with metal saddles…the originals had nylon saddles, which, in my opinion, don’t sustain as well.
The guitar has had some servicing and repair work done. While the headstock is crack free, the heel had the typical crack and it has been repaired. A partial crack near the bottom of the control cavity has also been addressed. Both are solid and ready to go. The work was done by Joe Riggio of Riggio Custom Guitars in Tacoma, Washington. The front of the headstock has some wear to the finish along the edge of the top by the Gibson logo and near some of the tuner bushings. You can touch this up if you’d like but I am just leaving it. This one already had a fairly shallow neck angle before the heel crack, so the bridge is placed low but the action is good. Pickups are mid-1960s patent number stickers, but are not original to the guitar. They look to be from a few years later than 1964 and have later aged nickel covers on them.
It plays great, sustains wonderfully, and is a killer vintage SG you won’t be afraid to gig with or take on the road.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
You will likely want to set it up to your preferences.
Ships in an aftermarket case. It’s technically a “soft“ case but is a road runner with lots of padding inside that will do more than necessary to protect the guitar.
Ships worldwide. I don’t falsify customs forms so please don’t ask me to declare a lower value.
More pictures available. I am limited to 12.

Item Information

Item ID: 762
Sale price: $ 9500
location: Lake Stevens, Washington, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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1964 Gibson SG Standard - Nickel Parts
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