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1964 Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax WMatching neck & Original TriPack Case new pads

$ 5995

 for Sale

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Seller Notes:“Vintage 1964 Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax, serial number is M119728,"Possible early relacquer but not 100% sure", includes original neck with matching serial number, New Kangaroo Pads and retune adjustments are all done , and it is ready to be played , for many years to come , it has an American engraving , This is a very desirable serial no.for a Mark VI and should not disappoint discerning pro player or advanced saxophone player!Has sweet sound typical of Mark VI saxophones. All keys are present and functional, the bell is straight, the bell rim is straight, the bell has numerous scratches with some lacquer tea on the players side of the bell, the low BBb key guard has been re-soldered, the bell bow is in good shape, it does have a few dentsdings in it, nothing major at all, looks like the low Eb key guard feet have been re-soldered, the back side of the body tube has minimal dents and dings, there are scratches and some lacquer wear by the strap ring, normal wear and tear.”

Seller Description

Vintage 1964 Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax!Serial number is M[hidden information],"Possible early relacquer but not 100% sure",includes original neck with matching serial number, New Kangaroo Pads and retune adjustments are all done , and it is ready to be played , for many years to come ,It has an American engraving,This is a very desirable serial no.for a Mark VI and should not disappoint discerning pro player or advanced saxophone player!Has sweet sound typical of Mark VI saxophones.All keys are present and functional, the bell is straight, the bell rim is straight, the bell has numerous scratches with some lacquer tea on the players side of the bell, the low BBb key guard has been re-soldered, the bell bow is in good shape, it does have a few dentsdings in it, nothing major at all, looks like the low Eb key guard feet have been re-soldered, the back side of the body tube has minimal dents and dings, there are scratches and some lacquer wear by the strap ring, normal wear and tear, nothing major, overall lacquer condition on the body is in ok shape, overall condition of the lacquer on the keys is in ok shape as well, it has normal lacquer wear on the palm key touches, side key touches, low Eblow C key touches, there is NO high F# key,The neck is included and has the matching serial number, the neck is straight and not pulled down, the sides are not puffed out, there is some lacquer wear throughout the neck, the original hard zippered case is included and in great shape, exterior is gray in color without any major damage at all, it does have scuff marks, but the shell is intact and in great shape, the zipper works fine, this is a triPack case, it has the "C" style clips in the upper lid of the case for a flute case, and in the lower right area of the bottom lid of the case is the spot for a clarinet with lid that still snaps for security, the lower left area of the bottom lid is and accessory compartment with lid that still snaps for security, the interior of the case is purple and in great shape, a couple of the plasticrubber feet on the sidebottom of the case are missing or broken.
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Item Information

Item ID: 2580
Sale price: $ 5995
location: Reseda, California, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021
Views: 1

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1964 Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax WMatching neck & Original TriPack Case new pads
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