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1968 Fender Telecaster Pickguard screws, 9 total, Extra Fine, Orig. issue, CLEAN

$ 38

Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Exact Year:1968

Seller Description

1968 Fender Telecaster pickguard screws ( 8 ) and ( 1 ) control plate screw...8 + 1 = 9 total.
Extra fine Cond.
Very clean, but just enough natural aging in the phillips slots, to obviously be original issue
These came off my 1968 S/B Maple Neck Tele, so I know exactly where these came from...
Original issue, and all from one guitar, not a "Pieced together" set...
Refunds are ONLY if returned in exactly the same condition as sent...Buyer agrees to terms when item is purchased.
Shipping, to USA ***ONLY***
USPS small Flat rate box, insured & tracked, for $7.90( our actual cost )
Will cheerfully answer any questions...Thanks for looking!

Item Information

Item ID: 2398
Sale price: $ 38
location: La Pine, Oregon, United States
Last update: 2.10.2021
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1968 Fender Telecaster Pickguard screws, 9 total, Extra Fine, Orig. issue, CLEAN
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