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1971 Gibson SG Standard Vintage Electric Guitar Cherry w/ T Tops, Case

$ 5499

 for Sale

Body Color:Cherry
Fretboard Material:Rosewood
String Configuration:6 String
Neck Material:Mahogany
Model:SG Standard
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Body Material:Mahogany
Model Year:1971
Type:Electric Guitar
Body Type:Solid
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Up for sale, a 1971 Gibson SG Standard in perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case. One of the last great "batwing" guard SGs, this guitar features original Patent # stickered T Top humbuckers, a long frame chrome-plated Maestro Vibrola tailpiece, and deep carve on the body contours. There's a broad, nuanced range of tonalities on tap with this particular era of SG production, pushing beyond the rich roar that the T Tops can achieve with ease. The bridge pickups is surprisingly clear and twangy, with tight low end and plenty of aggressive snarl. The middle and neck positions have incredible body, and a meaty fullness that stays focused and powerful, smoothing out nicely as you roll off the tone knob. Weighing 7lbs 11oz, this guitar is very acoustically resonant from years of constant picking. Setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with a fresh set of 10-46 strings and slinky action, few guitars are as effortless to play and tonally exquisite as this vintage SG Standard.
The three-piece mahogany neck has a round C profile carve, more slender at the nut with ample shoulder in every register and notable chunk as you travel up the fretboard, measuring .825" deep at the 1st fret and .960" deep at the 12th. The bound rosewood fretboard retains the original wide/flat fretwire which has been leveled and crowned in the guitar’s lifetime with just a hair more meat than a “fretless wonder”, showing light, uniform wear on the crowns of frets 1-6, with sparingly little wear further up the board. The guitar plays easily up the 24 3/4" scale, and the neck is straight with a responsive truss rod. The 1 9/16" nut width (standard for Gibson SGs post-1964 through the '70s) makes open chords easy, and the depth of the profile fills the palm comfortably further up the neck for a substantial feel while soloing. On the headstock, the guitar features a set of vintage Gibson Deluxe double line double ring tuning machines produced by Kluson. These tuners turn smoothly and hold pitch well, and there are singular additional small mounting holes just inset from the current gears for a different tuner set installed at one time.
The headstock does exhibit a flawless repair at the joint, with a new piece of wood grafted on the back of the headstock, extending to a stinger behind fret 1, complete with correct volute and re-stamped serial number. The work is exceedingly clean, and while the extent of the previous fracture is unknown given the quality of the repair, it did not extend to the original headstock face.
All of the electronics work as they should, with original CTS pots that date to the 14th week of '71, stock tone caps, and the original Switchcraft jack and switch. Both pickups retain clean patent stickers on their baseplates, and the pickups feature a pair of perfectly patina'd covers with touched up solder. The body is somewhat unique for having a two-pickup route instead of the usual universal three pickup route seen on SG Standards and Customs in this era, and there is a very slight non-factory route on the forward edge of the bridge pickup cavity.
The original large "batwing" pickguard is intact, with a couple cracked corners stabilized from the back of the guard, and small pickup ring mounting holes from rings installed and subsequently removed. The original set of witch hat knobs round out the plastics.
The original ABR-1 patent number bridge is intact with the correct foundry stamp on the base, working in concert with the Vibrola. The Maestro Vibrola is one of the most effective and often overlooked vibrato designs in guitar history, working extremely well for quick flutters, surfy shimmies and deep dives with ease, jumping back to the original pitch and responding to a light touch.
The original nitro lacquer has a very deep and rich appearance, bridging the gap between Cherry and Walnut. Cosmetic wear includes buckle rash central to the upper bout on the back, scattered small nicks across the lower bout, and additional wear on the body parameter, growing more restrained on top.
The original black tolex hardshell case with gold plush interior is included. The case retains the majority of its original latches, as well as the stock handle.
Check out our shop "Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar," and please let us know if we can answer any questions!
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Item Information

Item ID: 2366
Sale price: $ 5499
location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Last update: 2.10.2021
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1971 Gibson SG Standard Vintage Electric Guitar Cherry w/ T Tops, Case
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