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1979 CTS 500K solid shaft pots from Gretsch factory potentiometers

$ 12

Seller Notes:“Removed from guitars in the late 70's. Been sitting in a box ever since. Dirty, oxidized, etc. Needs cleaning and de-soldering.”
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Exact Year:1979
Seller Notes:“Removed from guitars in the late 70's. Been sitting in a box ever since. Dirty, oxidized, etc. Needs cleaning and de-soldering.”

Seller Description

Each number you select buys you one (1) potentiometer. These are 500K CTS brand pots that were removals from the Gretsch factory in Arkansas. What would happen is when an instrument had an electronics issue at the final QC step, they would start over. Cut up the old harness, throw the trouble part out, and toss the good ones in a box to be reused on repairs. These are from the "good" stock that never were used.
I separated the years so people could choose the years they were buying. All are still as they were when the employee cut them out. They still have solder and bits of wire on them. I am certain they need a good spray out as well. Some have mounting nuts, most don't. I would assume you wont be getting any mounting hardware. The threaded area height is perfect for solid tops. No guarantees other than the year date, the model, and listed on casing pot value.

Item Information

Item ID: 749
Sale price: $ 12
location: Greenwood, Indiana, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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1979 CTS 500K solid shaft pots from Gretsch factory potentiometers
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