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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Burst

$ 7200

Body Color:black and yellow tobacco-burst
Series:Gibson Les Paul
String Configuration:6 String
Type:Electric Guitar
Number of Frets:22
Country/Region of Manufacture:America
Model Year:1979
Set Includes:Case, Cable
Seller Notes:“In excellent looking condition.”

Seller Description

For sale is a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom in a bold black and yellow tobacco-burst finish. This instrument is in EXCELLENT VINTAGE CONDITION. Comes with the case and amp plug in. Still has the protective cover on the back.
This 45-year-old guitar is in MINT condition other than some belt buckle rash/scratches on the center of the back of the guitar. Supremely well-kept collector grade electric guitar from one of the most legendary brands.
SN is [hidden information] which we believe it means, built on 4/18/1979 (possibly Electric: Nashville or Memphis. Acoustic: Bozeman, Montana)

Item Information

Item ID: 567
Sale price: $ 7200
location: Peoria, Arizona, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
Views: 1

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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Burst
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