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2 OSP Beige Earset Mic 09 for Shure Wireless Systems Bodypacks TA4F (4-Pin)

$ 467

 for Sale

Features:Integrated Pop Filter
Form Factor:Earset Microphone
Microphone Form Factor:Headset
Suitable For:Live Performance
Polar Pattern:Omnidirectional
Diaphragm Size:3mm
Bundled Items:Carry Case//Bag
Type:Condenser Microphone
Maximum SPL:140db
UPC:Does not apply

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Item Information

Item ID: 1431
Sale price: $ 467
location: Conway, Arkansas, United States
Last update: 22.09.2021
Views: 0

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2 OSP Beige Earset Mic 09 for Shure Wireless Systems Bodypacks TA4F (4-Pin)
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