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2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Ebony w/ Chrome (relisted due to no payment)

$ 950

Body Type:Solid
Type:Electric Guitar
Body Color:Black
Model Year:2005
Set Includes:Gig Bag
Body Material:Mahogany
Number of Frets:22
String Configuration:6 String
Fretboard Material:Rosewood
Series:Gibson Les Paul
Model:Les Paul Studio

Seller Description

Killer Les Paul Studio with 490R/498T pickups and all-original hardware. Great sounding and playing guitar that can do just about anything. Strung with Elixir 9’s. Volume/Tone pots are smooth and good as new. Weighs in at about 8.6 pounds with a 50's neck profile.
The neck and body have been worn in over the past 16 years, but frets are still in good shape. There’s some wear on the body, including some scratches on the back and a fragment of exposed wood near the back strap button, both photographed. The end of the headstock also has some wear from the previous owner.
Serial number [hidden information] - hard to photograph but I did my best. Don’t have any case candy/COA but 100% authentic Gibson. Comes with the original black/white-zipper gig bag. Feel free to make an offer or message me.
Overall a great guitar and an excellent choice for gigging and recording now that the scene is re-opening. Rock on

Item Information

Item ID: 1844
Sale price: $ 950
location: New York, New York, United States
Last update: 26.09.2021
Views: 1

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2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Ebony w/ Chrome (relisted due to no payment)
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