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2016 Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Standard 7 String LP Amber-Awesome Top!

$ 3699

Body Color:Amber
Type:Electric Guitar
String Configuration:7 String
Model:Les Paul Standard 7 String
Model Year:2016
Body Type:Solid
Series:Gibson Les Paul

Seller Description

2016 Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Standard 7 String LP in KILLER Amber Flame top!Mint condition. Upgraded to a TSA grade Gator locking case.Find another one.Find another one with THIS TOP.More pics/specs are available of this guitar, just check out roadhouse vintage or message me.
Buyer pays fixed $120 shipping/insurance in the US(lower 48)
Specs:Les Paul Standard features with the added depth of a 7th string, Seymour Duncan humbuckers, hand-wired electronics and genuine Mother of Pearl inlays. Only 100 units per colors worlwide!
Tuners: Grover KidneysNut: Tektoid nutNeck: Asymetrical slim taperFingerboard: RosewoodTop: AAA flamed maple topBody: MahoganyPickups: Seymour Duncan 59 & JB humbuckersElectronics: Hand-wired with orange drops capacitorsHardware: Chrome
Nut Width: 1.96"
1st Fret: 0.82"
12th Fret: 0.90"
Neck Type:Asymmetrical Slim Taper
Finger Board: Rosewood
Pickups:Seymour Duncan 59 & JB
Weight: 9lb 8oz

Item Information

Item ID: 1681
Sale price: $ 3699
location: Bigfork, Montana, United States
Last update: 25.09.2021
Views: 0

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2016 Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Standard 7 String LP Amber-Awesome Top!
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