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2017 Gibson Custom Shop Modern Double Cutaway Custom 3A Quilt/Dc Rust

$ 3899

Body Color:Rust
Type:Electric Guitar
String Configuration:6 String
Model:Modern Double Cutaway
Model Year:2017
Body Type:Solid
Series:Custom Shop

Seller Description

This listing is for a
2017 Gibson Custom Shop Modern Double Cutaway Custom 3A Quilt/Dc Rust.Guitar was collector owned and is in MINT condition. Was really never played and it shows.Comes complete, as pictured with COA, warranty card, case candy, original form-fit Custom Shop case.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Awesome guitar in every way.I have many pics of this guitar available, just check out roadhouse vintage if you are interested or shoot me a message.
Buyer pays fixed $100 shipping/insurance in the US(lower 48)
Specs:The Modern Double Cut Custom adds well-suited "tuxedo" appointments and limited-edition colors to this award-winning new platform from Gibson Custom Shop. The multi-ply binding, split-block headstock logo and pearl block inlays provide iconic Gibson elegance while, under the hood, all the exciting new Modern Double Cut features are present. They include a first-of-its-kind swept neck heel that allows easy access to all 24 frets, an extra-long neck tenon to maximize sustain, a sleek new Apex headstock carve for strength and durability and a perfectly-balanced, contoured double-cutaway profile. The Modern Double Cut has never looked better!Details
• Body: 1-Piece Solid Mahogany
• Top: 2 Piece Solid Maple
• Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
• Neck: 1-Piece Mahogany, Long Tenon
• Neck Profile: Medium C-Shape
• Scale Length: 24.75", 62.865cm
• Fingerboard Material: Richlite
• Fingerboard Radius: 12"
• Number of Frets: 22
• Frets: Medium Jumbo
• Nut Material: Corian
• Nut Width: 1.687", 42.85mm
• End of Board Width: 2.264", 57.50mm
• Hardware Finish: Gold or Nickel
• Bridge: ABR-1
• Tailpiece: Stop Bar
• Tuning Machines: Grover Kidney
• Pick Guard: None
• Control Knobs: Black Top Hats
• Switch Tip: Black
• Switch Washer: Black
• Jack Plate Cover: Nickel
• Neck Pickup:'57 Classic
• Bridge Pickup: 57 Classic Plus
• Controls: 1 500K CTS Volume Pot, 1 500K CTS Tone Pot, Hand-Wired Harness, Switchcraft Toggle Switch
• Case: Gibson Hardshell

Item Information

Item ID: 486
Sale price: $ 3899
location: Bigfork, Montana, United States
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 0

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2017 Gibson Custom Shop Modern Double Cutaway Custom 3A Quilt/Dc Rust
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