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2020 Panini Chronicles Football Base 1-100 You Pick Complete Your Set

$ 0

 for Sale

Set:2020 Panini Chronicles (Football)
Player:Brandon Aiyuk
Card Manufacturer:Panini
Type:Sports Trading Card
Features:Base Set
Team:San Francisco 49ers

Seller Description

This auction is for the card listed and pictured above.
These cards are from my personal collection and been stored properly. All cards
will come from a smoke free home.
Please review all provided images as I have tried to provide
detailed pictures as well as high detail scans from the cards you will receive.
My opinion of a cards grade may be different from yours. Please feel free to
ask any questions you may have about the item.

Item Information

Item ID: 2539
Sale price: $ 0
location: Corsicana, Texas, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
Views: 0

Contact Information

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2020 Panini Chronicles Football Base 1-100 You Pick Complete Your Set
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