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3 pcs Mini XLR 4 Pin TA4F Head Worn Dual Earhook Headset Microphone For SHURE

$ 44

 for Sale

Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Connectivity:TA4-F, XLR 4 Pin
Type:Condenser Microphone
Form Factor:Headset
Suitable For:shure bodypack transmitter

Seller Description

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Condenser Headworn Headset Microphone with Mini 4 Pin XLR TA4F
Connector for Shure
Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter
Professional Power
Industry-standard sound quality along
with surprising durability make this mini headset
microphone ideal for just about any vocal sound and
speech applications. Enjoy freedom of movement,
discreet operation and exceptional performance fit
for any occasion. The mini ear-hanging headset
microphone answers the demand for affordable,
innovative and reliable headset microphones
Lightweight, Comfortable & Durable
Ergonomic, flexible and thin. This
headset is ideal for applications requiring maximum
performance and mobility. Wide bandwidth cardioidelectret
condenser mic ensures clean transparent audio and
enhanced vocal pickup with improved gain. The beige
flesh-toned color blends in with various skin types.
Uses a standard mini XLR 4pin TA4Fplug
connector.Durable thin-metal frame can be easily
adjusted to fit any user. The headset is also
designed to fit comfortably for users wearing
glasses, hats, or headphones.
Connector:4 pinmini XLR (TA4F)
Element: Electret Condenser
Polar pattem: Cardioid
Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 17,000 Hz
Max SPL: 130 5dB SPL
Impedance : 1,500 Ohms +/- 30% (at 1 Khz)
Signal to Noise Ratio: TBD
Max Input SPL: 28dB
Operating Voltage:1.0V-10V DC
Cable Length: 1.4 Meters
Color: Flesh
Microphone features a Cardioid pickup pattern.
Compatible For Shure Body Pack Transmitter Models:
L1, 11, LX1, SC1, U1, UC1, UT1, T1, ULX1, UR1, PGX, SLX...
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
3 * Microphone
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Please note:
shipping from china ,IMPORT DUTIES,TAXES and CHARGES are NOT INCLUDED in the
item price,These charges are the buyer's responsibility
This item comes with 12 months replacement warranty. We tested every piece
just before shipped it to you.
Return must be in the original package, and with ALL original accessories if you
return for refund, if you return for replacement, just return defective part to
save postage.
We will refund your Full Winning Bid Amount, upon receipt of the item in its
original condition and packaging with all components and accessories included,
AFTER both buyer and seller cancel the transaction from Ebay. OR, you may choose
to have a replacement.
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Item Information

Item ID: 930
Sale price: $ 44
location: CA, United States
Last update: 16.09.2021
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3 pcs Mini XLR 4 Pin TA4F Head Worn Dual Earhook Headset Microphone For SHURE
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