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5X Avedis Zildjian A Custom Sabian Pearl Crash and Ride Cymbals

$ 109

Condition:For parts or not working
Items Included:Crash Cymbal

Seller Description

5X Avedis Zildjian A Custom Sabian Pearl Crash and Ride Cymbals. These are all sold for parts or repair sold as is. No returns. Brand new these all cost $725 total. The Zildjian A custom 16” crash has a chunk out of it but actually sounds decent. The Zildjian A custom fast crash has cracks and needs work to sound better. The sabian cymbal I believe is a crash and it has a cut on the side where it cracked. The Pearl and Royce cymbal are cheaper.

Item Information

Item ID: 539
Sale price: $ 109
location: Robertsville, Missouri, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
Views: 1

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5X Avedis Zildjian A Custom Sabian Pearl Crash and Ride Cymbals
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