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6 RED 10 ft foot 3pin XLR male to female shielded mic microphone extension cable

$ 37

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Seller Description

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6 pack: RED xlr mic cable 10ft
FAST SHIPPING Quality 22AWG conductor shielded cable COLOR: RED Description 
These are 10ft cables with a male XLR plug on one end and a female XLR plug on the other end. These are quality balanced and shielded cables and each connector is completely sealed and molded. These are Professional, Flexible and Durable Noise Free XLR Cables. BALANCED AND SHIELDED. In stock ready to ship. These standard mic cables are also commonly used in many DMX lighting applications. Some installs may require actual high dollar DMX cabling (or at least very high end mic cabling) while most many applications seem to work fine with standard grade mic cable so it is up to the installer to decide what each particular install requires.
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Item Information

Item ID: 2772
Sale price: $ 37
location: Goshen, Indiana, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
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6 RED 10 ft foot 3pin XLR male to female shielded mic microphone extension cable
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