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An used Shure ULXP4/ULX2 Receiver/Handheld Wireless Mic. system G3 470-506Mh

$ 344

Custom Bundle:No
Wireless Technology:UHF
Non-Domestic Product:No
Modified Item:No
MPN:Does Not Apply
Form Factor:n/a

Seller Description

For auction is an used Shure Performance Gear Wireless ULXP4/ULX2 Wireless Microphone System.A system with SHURE ULXP4 Receiver, ULX2 SM58 Handheld wireless microphone.One tuck and find the corrected frequency. Frequencies G3 470-506 MHZ.Nice Sounds. Tested & Hope it works as it should.Includes microphone, receiver, antennas, power supply.No rack mount parts included.Sold as found or as Pictures. All Pictures are for condition and selling.PayPal only Will ship to Japan, Canada, England,...Thanks for bidding.

Item Information

Item ID: 448
Sale price: $ 344
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 0

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An used Shure ULXP4/ULX2 Receiver/Handheld Wireless Mic. system G3 470-506Mh
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