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Antique HOHNER Germany VERY BEST TREMOLO CONCERT HARP Harmonica w Case & Instruc

$ 56

Seller Notes:“Very nice condition Harp with expected wear and finish blemishes as expected of a used piece of this vintage. Original box is complete and solid with bright clear graphics. The latches are fully functional and the interior purple lining is in great condition. Comes with the original instruction and with the original gift tag signed "From gran mom O'Neal to William Dec 13, 1924" Please see photos for additional details”
Model:46 1/2
Type:Tremolo Concert
Modified Item:No
Country/Region of Manufacture:Germany
Seller Notes:“Very nice condition Harp with expected wear and finish blemishes as expected of a used piece of this vintage. Original box is complete and solid with bright clear graphics. The latches are fully functional and the interior purple lining is in great condition. Comes with the original instruction and with the original gift tag signed "From gran mom O'Neal to William Dec 13, 1924" Please see photos for additional details”

Seller Description

Antique HOHNER Germany VERY BEST TREMOLO CONCERT HARP Harmonica w Case & Instructions
Very nice condition Harp with expected wear and finish blemishes as expected of a used piece of this vintage. Original box is complete and solid with bright clear graphics. The latches are fully functional and the interior purple lining is in great condition. Comes with the original instruction and with the original gift tag signed "From gran mom O'Neal to William Dec 13, 1924" Please see photos for additional details

Item Information

Item ID: 2584
Sale price: $ 56
location: Rockford, Michigan, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021
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Antique HOHNER Germany VERY BEST TREMOLO CONCERT HARP Harmonica w Case & Instruc
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