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Avedis Zildjian Flat Top Ride Cymbal 22” Inch Rare 1970 Only BIN Worldwide

$ 241

 for Sale

Seller Notes:“Used....some scratched around bell (shown)...non original “rivets”...Edges are in above average condition!..NO CRACKS/keyhole (shown) ...”
Modified Item:Yes
Modification Description:“Rivets” are non original...(see pic)
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Exact Year:1970
Seller Notes:“Used....some scratched around bell (shown)...non original “rivets”...Edges are in above average condition!..NO CRACKS/keyhole (shown) ...”

Seller Description

I have done a lot of research,and have learned that was only offered in 1970...
And....according to the late Lenny DeMuzio of Avedis Zildjian....Gene Krupa had a hand in the design of this..
I have been actively selling vintage cymbals for 36 years...and I have NEVER seen ..nor heard ...of another one of these...
In my research I have heard of one 16”....two 18” 20” ...but..not a 22”!
I feel this is still dark sounding....considering the heavy weight of this...(7-1/4 lbs).Maybe the oversized bell does that to it?..Isn’t that a CRAZY size for a bell?...
Want to BUY IT NOW?....Just enter $240.00 into MAKE OFFER....and you will own it...........SOLD!
I will pack this rarity up very well...
Thanks for looking!
Due to eBay now hanging onto funds for around 4 days...
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
BEFORE they even send to my bank account....and then, taking a couple of days to actually get into my account from there...I have listed 10 BUSINESS days to ship.....
I normally try to ship within 2 days BUSINESS days of receiving funds though ..

Item Information

Item ID: 1465
Sale price: $ 241
location: Comstock Park, Michigan, United States
Last update: 23.09.2021
Views: 0

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Avedis Zildjian Flat Top Ride Cymbal 22” Inch Rare 1970 Only BIN Worldwide
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