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Bach Artisan Stradivarius A47I Tenor Trombone Outfit, Infinity Axial Flow Valve

$ 5199

Body Material:Brass
Set Includes:Case
Bell Material:Brass

Seller Description

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Bach Artisan Stradivarius A47I Tenor Trombone Outfit, Infinity Axial Flow Valve A47I
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The new Artisan Trombone Collection is the newest and most exciting development in Bach Stradivarius professional trombones. The new A47I is completely modular system allowing each player to customize the Artisan trombone to meet their own playing needs. It features the new "Infinity" axial flow valve. This patented valve design eliminates the metal-to-metal contact found in any other axial flow design through the use of sealed bearings both in the nose and in the back plate. This assures tight tolerances that will resist wear over time. The 8-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass Bach Artisan will define the symphonic sound for generations. The .547" large bore combined with the patented "Infinity" valve and open wrap F attachment offers a warm sound, great projection, and an efficient and open feel. The new reverse main tuning slide construction offers an more open response. The chrome plated nickel silver inner handslide tubes provide the ideal surface for smooth and quick handslide action. The clear lacquer finish adds a subtle warmth to the sound overall. The Bach Stradivarius A47I professional trombone is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance.
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Item ID: 154
Sale price: $ 5199
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
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Bach Artisan Stradivarius A47I Tenor Trombone Outfit, Infinity Axial Flow Valve
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