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Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 25 Early Elkhart 1970’s

$ 1575

Finish Material:Brass
Experience Level:Expert
Body Material:Brass
Bell Material:Brass
Leadpipe Material:Brass

Seller Description

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Early Elkhart 1970’s
For sale is a Bach Stradivarius B-Flat Trumpet, model 25, 0.462 bore. Serial # is 96xxx, which means it was built in Elkhart, IN around 1974, before the death of Vincent Bach.  The early Elkhart Bach have many of the attributes of the Mt Vernon Bachs This particular trumpet was professionally fully restored by B.A.C. Musical Instruments in Kansas City, MO. See the description of the process below from their web site.
The instrument is in perfect playing condition and is among the best Bachs I’ve played.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
 It has a focused sound that projects really nicely. Although people say the horn is bright and a large bore, IMO it is no brighter than a model 43 and because of the 25 bell taper, feels like a ML bore trumpet. All valves and slides work beautifully.
There is a small ding in the bell tube near the first valve and one on the third valve slide (see photos).
The raw brass finish has a wonderful patina and great classic vintage look. It is a model 25. L by the serial number denotes "Large Bore". Horns of this era were built with heavier gauge metal than some later models so the horn has great weight to it, is sturdy, and creates a big full sound with all the classic Bach overtones. Valves are nickel plated and have brass valve-guides. They are smooth and fast with no plating loss.
Search YouTube under Bach 25 for a sound demo. Steve from does a great job illustrating the versatility this horn which was made close to the time of the one in the Youtube video
I am the second owner after the restoration was done in approximately 2018. It made this Bach extra responsive, more efficient and very fun to play. Here is BAC Musical Instruments description of the restoration process:
BAC Full Restoration
- The instrument is professionally cleaned using a two-part deep cleaning process and chemical treatment.
- The instrument is carefully, fully dis-assembled. The main components will be un-soldered to ensure proper fitting of joints, squared off joints, etc.. (Unless otherwise requested)
- All of the major components go through a meticulous restoration detailing where we remove any dents, dings, scratches and nicks. We take great pride in offering the most cautious preservation of any original engraving, decorative trim work, serial numbers, etc.. We also do everything we can to preserve the integrity of the instruments original components. If ever a component is seriously worn away and requires replacement, we exhaust every effort to find original replacement parts that would be considered the proper period. If replacement parts are not available, or cost preventive, we will manufacture said parts as closely to the original as possible. (When the need for replacement parts or manufacturing replica parts is necessary, this will constitute additional cost in addition to the Restoration Cost.)
- Once all of the components have been fully restored, we will reassemble the instrument. We ensure the joints are trued and square - ensure there are no gaps - and ensure the instrument is assembled free of any stress.

Item Information

Item ID: 283
Sale price: $ 1575
location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Last update: 9.09.2021
Views: 1
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Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 25 Early Elkhart 1970’s
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