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Bach USA Student Tenor Trombone w/ Case and Mouthpiece - Serviced - 581

$ 250

Finish Material:Brass
Body Material:Brass
Set Includes:Case
Bell Material:Brass

Seller Description

Model: Bach USA Student TromboneBell Diameter: 8"Finish: 8/10Slide Action: 9/10Tuning Slide: Moves FreelyMouthpiece: Yes, Bach 11C
Case: Yes, OriginalStock Number: 581This is an original Bach USA Student Trombone. This horn has virtually no denting having only remnants of dents on the bell section and a minor flat spot on the tuning slide. Finish is good, but there are a few scratches here and there from normal use, as well as some finish wear. Inner slide tubes are essentially spotless. I rate the slide a 9/10. All braces are solid. Tuning slide moves nicely. Includes the original case, which has some Velcroin place of the original arms that hold the slide, and a Bach mouthpiece. Horn was serviced. Service may have included: Slide and tuning job and alignment, polish, and minor dent removal.Horn is being sold as-is, with no returns in the condition shown in the pictures, so please review all images and message me with any questions. I'll be happy to respond to inquires!I am always open to reasonable offers. Keep in mind that eBay charges a higher sellers premium than Reverb, so I typically have lower prices and more flexibility on Reverb, which is like eBay just for instruments.I play, buy, collect and sell trombones and attempt to describe the horn in the way in which I would want it described.All the horns I sell are in playable condition, unless otherwise stated. Some may have cosmetic wear, which will be shown in the pictures. More pictures may be available on my Reverb listing for this instrument.A cheaper list price and no tax may also be available on Reverb.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Please submit payment for all purchases within 24hrs, unless an arrangement is made via the messaging system prior to purchasing the item. Shipping is $50 flat on eBay and $40 flat on Reverb within the 48 United States through USPS, UPS, or FedEx (whichever is faster and most cost-efficient) and $100 minimum on eBay and $85 minimum on Reverb to Canada and Mexico. Please provide an address other than a P.O. box as I typically ship via UPS or FedEx. Destinations other than Canada and Mexico may incur additional shipping charges, so I will be happy to invoice you the appropriate shipping amount. It will be well packed and insured. Most horns are shipped without any slide lubricant.Free local pick-up is available in the suburbs of Chicago.

Item Information

Item ID: 769
Sale price: $ 250
location: Sycamore, Illinois, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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Bach USA Student Tenor Trombone w/ Case and Mouthpiece - Serviced - 581
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