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Bb Clarinet Repad Service - Selmer,Vito, and others - see details inside

$ 79

Condition:Seller refurbished
MPN:Does Not Apply
Type:Bb Soprano
Brand:All major brands

Seller Description

Bb Soprano Clarinet Repad Service for all U.S. and many foreign-made brands
Examples of instruments I will work on:
I can also work on many French-made Boehm system instruments.
The service I am offering is for the following work:
· Complete disassembly of your instrument followed with a key by key cleaning and light polishing· Replacement of all bad pads with high quality double bladder pads.
· Basic cleaningof the inside and outside of your instrument including the cleaning of the tone holes.
· Replacement of all necessary key bumper, tenon, and adjustment corks. If your tenon joint corks are in good condition, they will cleaned and lightly greased.
Wood clarinets will be lightly oiled inside and outside.
· Bent keys will be straightened and aligned for proper action and all key pivot points lubricated.· The instrument will be adjusted and play-tested to ensure it works properly.
· This DOES NOT include replacing of any broken parts. Additional repairs will be a small extra cost. I will consult you before
performing any extra cost repairs.
Here are examples of repairs not covered:
High Polishing of keys and rings
Crack or chip repair
Removal of heavy oxidation/tarnishing on keys or strong odors
(most odors do however disappear or are greatlyreduced with my basic cleaning)
Replacement of missing or broken keys, posts, etc.
Screw replacement
Removal of severely frozen or rusted screws
Plating of keys
This GUARANTEE is good for 30 days after you receive the instrument.
If the instrument doesn’t play properly when you receive it, I will correct whatever is causing the problem.
I DO NOT offer full refunds.
Due to drying, shrinking and swelling of the glue, pads, etc. from different humidity conditions, changes can occur which could affect how the instrument plays when you receive it.It is typical that some adjustments may be needed over time, and I do not warrant my work to include these changes. Additionally, inquisitive minds like to turn screws to see what happens which effects an instruments playablility. And naturally, bent keys are not covered.
I have been selling refurbished clarinets and flutes on Ebay for several years and have established a high level of customer satisfaction. I am a retired band director and have refurbished hundreds of instruments. My charge for this service is considerably less than most all other shops.
This is my first price increase in over 10 years due to increased cost of supplies.
Your costs are in shipping it to me plus $20 for return shipping.
The pictures show a typical BEFORE and AFTER senerio. Some horns look much worse BEFORE than the one pictured .
Most repad jobs will be completed within 2-3 days of receiving the clarinet.
Limited to residents of the U.S.A.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

Be sure to check out all my band instruments here on ebay that have already been refurbished. Just click on "SEE OTHER ITEMS"
Next, click on "SAVE THIS SELLER" so you can find me again quickly.

Item Information

Item ID: 2379
Sale price: $ 79
location: Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
Last update: 2.10.2021
Views: 1

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Bb Clarinet Repad Service - Selmer,Vito, and others - see details inside
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