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Black Headset Microphone Mic Headworn Microphone fits Shure Wireless

$ 17

 for Sale

Form Factor:Headset
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
Connector(s):4-pin mini XLR TA4F
Microphone Form Factor:Headset
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Compatible Brand:Shure
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Black Cardioid Headset Micwith Flexible Wired Boomfits Shure Wireless
Comfort Designed Wire Frame & Wired Boom for Secure FitElement: Back Electret CondenserPolar Pattern: Cardioid
4-Pin mini XLR TA4F connector and windscreen
Frequency: 50 Hz-18,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -60dB +/- 3dB
Operating Voltage: 1V-10V DCCable Length: 38 inches
shipping to
USPS First
Class Mail.Items
will be shippedwithin 1 business day after cleared payment received.
exchange orrefundfor
defective itemwithin 30 daysafter
the buyer receive it. We are responsible for the return postage for defective unit(s).

Item Information

Item ID: 1447
Sale price: $ 17
location: White Marsh, Maryland, United States
Last update: 22.09.2021
Views: 0

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Black Headset Microphone Mic Headworn Microphone fits Shure Wireless
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