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Bontempi Ubaldo Castelfidardo 4002 Piano Accordion 120 Bass 24 Treble w/ Case

$ 900

Seller Notes:“Good Used Condition”
Modified Item:No
Country/Region of Manufacture:Italy
Brand:Bontempi ubaldo
Custom Bundle:No
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Good Used Condition”

Seller Description

Bontempi Ubaldo CastelfidardoPiano Accordian
120 Bass24 Treble
Made in Italy
*1 very small chipped key**few scratches**missing some trim*
*No known air leaks*
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Item Information

Item ID: 933
Sale price: $ 900
location: Clifford, Michigan, United States
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 1

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Bontempi Ubaldo Castelfidardo 4002 Piano Accordion 120 Bass 24 Treble w/ Case
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