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Bundy Selmer Saxaphone 664492 w/ hard case ----- *D23*

$ 174

Set Includes:Case
Seller Notes:“In well used condition. Has some wear, scratches and scuffs.”

Seller Description

The item is in well used condition.With wear and scratches from being used.
Items in photos are what you will receive.So have a look at the photos before buying.(What you see is what you get)
Terms of Sale
Listing is for item and/or accessories shown in photos only.Please review photos for condition.We ship and answer questions Mon-Friday 8-6Thank you for your time!We ship to your confirmed PayPal address only.
Shipping InformationOnly ships within the Continental United States with one business day handling time.This is how I inventory items.YA, D21[hidden information]-1 KE08/10/2021

Item Information

Item ID: 846
Sale price: $ 174
location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Bundy Selmer Saxaphone 664492 w/ hard case ----- *D23*
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