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B-USA Alto Saxophone Gold Color -GS-

$ 499

MPN:Does Not Apply
Experience Level:Professional
Body Material:Brass
Body Finish:Gold-Plated
Key Finish:Gold Plated

Seller Description

For sale this saxophone its in great conditions there are some small dents and scratches scratches nothing major serious buyers only
item is used and comes out of a pawnshop. pre-owned with some signs of cosmetic wear from previous use but nothing that affects how the item works. We tried to take many close ups so you can see the item from all angles. see pictures for more details on the product you are purchasing. feel free to ask any questions.ITEM HAS BEEN TESTED TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE!

Item Information

Item ID: 828
Sale price: $ 499
location: North Hills, California, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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B-USA Alto Saxophone Gold Color -GS-
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