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Busted~ZOOM Karaoke~61 ~ Sleeping With the Light On~ Crashed The Wedding ~ CD+G

$ 12

File Format:CD

Seller Description

Music store sellingkaraoke discs fromZOOMKaraoke.
This is factory fresh sealed new product. You are bidding on one (1) Karaoke CD+G title **
ZOOM Karaoke Platinum Series "Hits Of Busted".
This karaoke CD+G disc can be played in a regular CD player if you only want to listen to the recorded music. If you want to see the song lyrics displayed on a TV screen; this karaoke CD+G disc must be played in a karaoke player. This karaoke CD+G disc does not include a printed lyrics sheet. This karaoke CD+G disc does not contain practice lead vocal tracks.
**these songs are not the original artists recording. Tracks are arranged and produced to sound like the original hit recordings. Karaoke recordings are recreated renditions of the original song utilizing studio musicians and singers. The Karaoke recordings are not the original artist, nor are they taken or extracted from the original artist's recording. The artist names are used for identification purposes only.
ZOOM Karaoke Platinum Series "Hits Of Busted"
What I Go To School For
Year 3000
You Said No
Sleeping With The Light On
Crashed The Wedding
Who's David
Air Hostess
3 A M
Teenage Kicks
That Thing You Do
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Item ID: 996
Sale price: $ 12
location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Last update: 17.09.2021
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Busted~ZOOM Karaoke~61 ~ Sleeping With the Light On~ Crashed The Wedding ~ CD+G
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