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CM Portable Recorder Case fits Tascam DR-05, DR-40 and Other Recorder, Case Only

$ 24

Condition:New with tags
To Fit:Microphone, Multipurpose, Recorder
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Compatible Brand:Tascam

Seller Description

CASEMATIX Protective Tascam Case is great for storing your Tascam
Recorder and accessories such as mini tripod , small adapters , cables ,
chargers and more – Perfect Tascam Hard Case
Hard shell exterior made of durable composite blow-mold plastic
prevents your Tascam Audio Recorder from being crushed. Internal
tri-Layer foam cushioning with Diced Foam customizable middle
layer protects from impacts and drops.
Customizable Foam interior allows you to design separate
compartments for your Tascam accessories. Remove the desired amount of
foam blocks from the Diced Foam interior to create needed compartments
Individual Cubed Foam Interior allows compartments to be created
within maximum internal dimensions of 11.0" x 7.00" x 2.25". External
Outer Dimensions of the case are 12.0" x 9.5" x 3.5 ( Case Tascam )
CASEMATIX Case for Tascam Products Fits Tascam DR05 , Tascam DR40
, DR100MKIII and accessories such as Tascam BP-6AA external battery and
Portable Digital Handheld Recorder and Accessory Hard Case with Internal Customizable Dense Foam
This hard shell case's exterior is made of a dense, blow-mold composite
plastic for superior external protection against blunt forces, drops,
dings and Impacts. Interior protection consists of a Tri-Layer
arrangement of a Solid Ester Foam Layer (Bottom, 0.5"), a Dense pull
and; tear Foam Layer (Middle, 2.0") and a Convoluted Egg-Crate Foam
Layer (Top Lid, 0.75"). With the combination of a highly durable
exterior and dense foam interior, you can be sure your studio recorder
is padded and has protection.The overlapping lid-to-base system is held
tightly closed by the dual sliding lock fasteners with padlock holes for
added security. Compact Travel and Storage
A built in
handle provides portability and allows for your recorder to easily be
carried when attending meetings, school, traveling or at home. It can
also be discreetly placed in your car, home or office to securely store
your items.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Measuring 12.0" x 9.5" x 3.5" in exterior dimensions, this
case is capable of holding your Portable Recorder , Mini Tripod ,
Filters , and Small USB cables in separate compartments you create. The
internal foam is diced so custom compartments can be created within the
maximum internal dimensions of 11.0" x 7.00" x 2.2". Unlimited Customization
The Diced Foam 2.0" thick middle layer of foam consists of
individually pluckable dense foam cubes. This absorbs impacts from
drops, but also allows your recorder to be protected and separated from
the accessories.Fits TASCAM Portable Studio Recorders
DR-100mkII , DR-100mkIII , DR-22WL , DR-44WL , DR-40 , DR-07MKII , DR-05
, GT-R1 With Accessories such as Mini Tripod , Filters , Adapters and
Small USB Cables ( Case Tascam ) ( Case for Tascam )

Item Information

Item ID: 571
Sale price: $ 24
location: Encino, California, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
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CM Portable Recorder Case fits Tascam DR-05, DR-40 and Other Recorder, Case Only
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