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ColorTone Scratch Remover, 2-oz. bottle

$ 15

Type:Luthier Tools

Seller Description

Make your old finish new again with ColorTone Scratch RemoverColorTone Scratch Remover is a safe and easy way to remove fine finish scratches from new or old finishesEasily remove scratches from picks and play wear without complicated buffing equipmentSafe for all finishes and contains no silicone that can do damage and complicate repairsSupplied in a 2-ounce bottle with flip top cap for easy dispensingFinally a safe way to remove fine scratches from finishes. ColorTone Scratch Remover is a safe and easy way to remove fine finish scratches from new or old finishes. Safe for all finishes and contains no silicone that can do damage and complicate repairs.Scratches from picks and play wear are annoying, but they do not need to be permanent. You can easily remove them without complicated buffing equipment. Restore a factory look easily at home or in your shop. Great for pickguards too.Clean the area first, then apply the Scratch Remover to a clean cloth. Work into the scratches until they disappear, repeat and let dry to a haze. Buff with a clean cloth until smooth and shiny. For best results, we recommend following up with our ColorTone Clean + Shine (sold separately).A fine factory finish is not only for new instruments. We make finishes, and we developed this as the safest scratch treatment out there. Our Scratch Remover also does not contain harmful silicone, which can cause cratering and "fisheyes" in finishes, and make future repairs much more difficult.Make your old finish new again with ColorTone Scratch Remover.
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Item ID: 586
Sale price: $ 15
location: Athens, Ohio, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
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ColorTone Scratch Remover, 2-oz. bottle
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