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Compact Trumpet Stand Folding Tripod Twist and Lock Leg Design Black

$ 10

 for Sale

For Instrument:Trumpet
MPN:Does Not Apply

Seller Description

Compact Trumpet Stand Folding Tripod Twist and Lock Leg Design Black. Condition is New.
Introductions:Choosing a suitable stand is necessary when you play the trumpet on a long-time show or in concerts. This fabulous stand is a perfect one. Designed in compact size, this stand is lightweight, and convenient to carry. It is featured with steel legs and non-slip material end caps, pretty stable. In addition, twist and lock leg design allows the stand to fold and fit snug into the bell of a trumpet for storage and transportation. With this stand, you can play your trumpet easily and conveniently. It is portable to carry and excellent for use.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Why do you hesitate? This is a precious chance you should not miss!Features:1.Twist and lock leg design allows the stand to fold and fit snug into the bell of a trumpet for storage and transportation2.High-impact plastic bell housing 3.Bell style with lint protection surface4.Compact design, convenient to carry
Specifications:1. Height: 7.87"2. Color: Black3. Weight: 212gPackage Includes:1 x Compact Trumpet Stand Folding Tripod
If you love music ; you must see my inventory on EBay ! You won’t regret it !

Item Information

Item ID: 1856
Sale price: $ 10
location: Hayward, California, United States
Last update: 26.09.2021
Views: 0

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Compact Trumpet Stand Folding Tripod Twist and Lock Leg Design Black
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