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CONN 15B Refurbished

$ 159

Seller Notes:“CONN 15B Director Refurbished horn is CLEAN and ready to play. Serial number 921793 circa 1961. All slides move freely, Valves work nice. Horn has a great tone. Bell is engraved with the shooting stars emblem. 5c Mouthpiece in GC. Horn body has no damage, contact finish and lacquer wear, and dings consistent with use and age. Hard shell "tweed" case is good inside and out, covering worn on edges and one hinge mount is loose. -- See pictures for detail and condition”
Exact Year:1961
Model:15 B
Bell Material:Brass
Bell Diameter:4 5/8
Trumpet Type:Standard
Modified Item:No
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Custom Bundle:Yes
Skill Level:Student
Valve Material:Nickel Plated
Bundle Description:Microfiber Cloth, Hard Shell Case, Bach 5c Mouthpiece, marching lyre, Valve oil
Valves Type:Piston
Leadpipe Material:Brass
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“CONN 15B Director Refurbished horn is CLEAN and ready to play. Serial number 921793 circa 1961. All slides move freely, Valves work nice. Horn has a great tone. Bell is engraved with the shooting stars emblem. 5c Mouthpiece in GC. Horn body has no damage, contact finish and lacquer wear, and dings consistent with use and age. Hard shell "tweed" case is good inside and out, covering worn on edges and one hinge mount is loose. -- See pictures for detail and condition”

Seller Description

From Conn LoyalistThe instrument is a #1 Bore, has a 4 5/8" diameter bell. It also has some nickel trim, but this is limited to a section of the leadpipe.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Valves are bottom spring. The 15B Director was produced from 1960 to at least 1969.What Conn said in 1962:
Completely New,these ConnDirectorsoffer new and greater heights of performance for the aspiring young musician. Even the untrained embouchure can easily play each noteright on the buttondue to the remarkably centered response. Every minute detail has been specifically designed and created with the student in mind so that he may quickly progress to the best of his ability. The new ConnDirectorsare acoustically, mechanically, and musically superior...without doubt the finest value in this price range!
Special features of the new Directors:"Anti-Bounce", positive, quiet valves. Bell thickness graduated for finest tone. Newly calibrated bore for easier high register. Brilliant, longer lasting "Lustre-Conn" finish.What Conn said in 1966:
Acclaimed by music educators throughout the country as the top value in student trumpets. Designed to allow the student to progress to the best of his natural ability. Easy playing, with precise intonation throughout all registers. Remarkably centered response and tonal brightness. Ruggedly built to stand up under the rigors of student use. 15B has brass bell. Medium bore feel. Length 21". Bell 4 5/8".Why buy a REFURBISHED Instrument on EBAY?Do you want to deal with a dirty instrument with stuck
or damaged slides or valves? A "used" or "preowned"
instrument may cost much more to get back to playing conditionAttention Music Instructors:Looking for multiple instruments for your
students?Don't let your students waste money on a rental!Please
contact us for quantity pricing and combined shipping specials. These
refurbished USA Made instruments will stand up to student handling and all
parts are easily sourced for any repairs or replacements needed--UNLIKE CHEAPLY
MADE IMPORTS!Read below how this horn was servicedAll reconditioned horns from start to finish receive:
Hot water rinse, and body and
slides thoroughly brushed
Upper and Lower valve chambers
Threads cleaned on horn body and
the top and bottom caps
Small parts hand detailed
Horn body trued as needed, hand
torqued at all solder joints for strength, braces checked and repaired as
taper, flair and leadpipe dents and major dings removed when easily
Valve chamber area knuckle dings
removed if accessible
Female slide receivers dry
scrubbed with firm brush, male slides polished, gap between valve body and
threads cleaned
Valves hand lapped from top and
bottom when accessible
Valve chambers and valves checked
for proper fit during lapping
Horn body is then hot water
triple rinsed and scrubbed
Slides dry scrubbed with firm
brush, polished and checked for proper fit and feel, any fit issues
mentioned in listing
Slides hot water rinsed,
accessible dents and dings removed
Horn and valves assembled, all
interfaces and parts lubed. Al Cass Fast used on ALL valves.
Play tested and checked for valve
action, slide fit, leaks, and slotting (after regular use,valves
should fit to the lapped chamber and get faster)
Original mouthpieces are usually
included, checked for receiver fit, cleaned and polished (most vintage
mouthpieces have blemishes)
Horn is then wiped clean and or
hand polished
Cases opened, aired out,
disinfected, vacuumed, sometimes minor repairs are completed (Note, some
old cases will have residual smell)
Horns are photographed,
disassembled and checked for proper fit again
Horns then stored until sold.
Ebay sales all are played one
more times before being certified ready to ship to you
Fedex Home Delivery and USPS are
Dealz4yinz preferred shipping methods, all horns are fully insured (for the
purchase price).
vintage horns have sometimes been sitting for a very long time, you as an
instrument owner should clean your instrument regularly.THIS
INSTRUMENT IS SOLD AS-ISwith no return, please look at all the
pic's and ask questions before bidding or purchasing please.Important!!! AS-IS Condition Vintage & Antique Instrumentsdo
not have a warranty and though they have been serviced, these vintage
instruments can still have minor fit and performance issues after servicing.
Vintage and antique horns need to be put back into service with your regular
playing after purchase. Many vintage instruments have had solder and other
repair work done in the past and many have sat for sometimes decades and even
after thorough cleaning, more extended cleaning and fit work may be needed.
These instruments I offer on Ebay are refurbished, played for a few minutes to
check for performance and problems and then they are shelved until after the
horn is purchased or play tested locally. I am not familiar with every horns
performance characteristics, bore size or history, but I do learn every day and
do my best to offer educated advice._______________________________________________________________________________________________Dealz4yinz
Policies (please read)Shipping Terms and Conditions:Fedex Ground or Home
Delivery, or USPS Priority will be used for shipping; please confirm your
shipping quote on Ebaypriorto bidding or purchasing. All
horns are carefully packaged and insured for actual purchase priceInternational Shipping:Dealz4yinz participates in
Ebay's Global Shipping Program, all international shipping is done through the
program only and Ebay determines that shipping rate.
for Reconditioned Instruments:We do not accept returns or
offer trial periods to try horns listed here on Ebay. If you have any questions
or problems with your instrument after you receive it, please contact me first.
I will offer full consideration for any parts or horns that are listed
improperly. Return shipping fees are the buyer’s responsibility unless the item
is grossly not as described.

Item Information

Item ID: 1674
Sale price: $ 159
location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
Last update: 25.09.2021
Views: 1

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CONN 15B Refurbished
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