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Denon DJ PRIME GO Standalone 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console 7" Touchscreen

$ 999

Type:Double Deck Controller
Features:Pitch Control, RGB Backlit Buttons, Built-In Phono Preamp, Jog Wheel Illumination, Memory Card Slot, Tempo Control, Mic Input - TRS 1/4", Portable, Mic Input - XLR, Autoloop, Built-In Sound Card, Line/Phono Switch, Auto BPM Function, Built-In Mixer
Inputs/Outputs:Analog RCA/Coaxial Out
Max. Sampling Rate:24 Bit (48 kHz)
Audio Ports & Interfaces:USB Interface
Title:Denon DJ A- B Box (DS1) Serato DJ DVS and Audio In
Warranty:Limited 1-Year Warranty

Seller Description

Denon DJ PRIME GO Standalone 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console 7" Touchscreen
Standalone 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console
Display Cleaning Cloth
USB Cable
Power Adapter
Engine DJ Software Download Card
Limited 1-Year Warranty
The Denon DJ PRIME GO is a two-deck standalone DJ system with an integrated 7" touchscreen and a built-in lithium-ion battery, designed for professional mobile DJs wishing to perform without a laptop computer anywhere. The system allows DJs to throw the PRIME GO in a backpack, prep DJ sets on the road, and rock any gig or event with a no-compromise workflow and feature set.
Engine OS provides extensive media source and compatibility, allowing for collections from iTunes, Serato DJ, Traktor and rekordbox to be read without the need of a computer. Simply insert a flash or SD drive, and the Engine OS will read and display all playlists, hot cues, loops, and more. The integrated 7" multi-touch, multi-gesture screen and 6" jog wheels with color displays provide a ton of interactive feedback allowing for expressive EQ, FX, and creative workflow controls. PRIME GO is the ultimate mobile DJ workhorse.
The rear panel includes a stereo RCA line-level input for connecting phones, tablets or other portable media players. The PRIME GO provides balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA master L/R outputs, as well as 1/4" TRS booth outputs. Each channel on the mixer offers gain control and a dedicated 3-band EQ plus assignable beat FX and an inline Sweep FX/Filter for creative audio contouring. Additionally, there are two high-performance combo microphone inputs with gain and a talkback feature, which ducks the audio for integrating an Emcee, performer, or making announcements. Use PRIME GO’s StagelinQ connection to easily create impactful, visually dynamic lighting and video scenes via Denon DJ’s partnerships with Soundswitch, Timecode, and Resolume. The Denon DJ PRIME GO ships with a power adapter, a display cleaning cloth, a USB cable, and a download card for the Engine Prime software
Engine Prime DJ SystemReads rekordbox and Serato LibrariesRechargeable 4-Hour Lithium-Ion Battery7" Multi-Gesture Touch DisplayCapacitive-Touch Jog Wheels with DisplayAssignable FX Module, 3-Band EQ, Filter4 Performance Trigger PadsMusic Streaming from Wi-Fi/EthernetUSB and SD media source inputs
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Item Information

Item ID: 632
Sale price: $ 999
location: Avenel, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 13.09.2021
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Denon DJ PRIME GO Standalone 2-Deck Rechargeable Smart DJ Console 7" Touchscreen
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