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DJ07 - 2000 Watts - 2 Rechargeable Wireless Mics - Built-In Rechargeable Battery

$ 949

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Seller Description

IPS-DJ07 - 2,000 Watts - 2 Rechargeable Wireless Mics - Built-In Rechargeable Battery, Amplifier, Bluetooth & Optical Input - MODEL 2021
IPS-DJ07 Two x 12" Rechargeable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker With Built-in Amplifier, Dual RechargeableWireless Microphones, FM radio, USB/SD/AUX & Club Style LED Lights and Buit-inOptical InputSpecification:Dual 12" super-bass woofers1.
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5" tweetersDual high quality rechargeable wireless microphones with batteries Included and a remote controlFrequency range: 60Hz - 20kHzS/N ratio: >70dBSensitivity: 500mV+/-50mVInput voltage: 110VMaster Music Volume ControlMusic Bass/Mid/TrebleMaster Microphone Volume ControlMicrophone Delay/Echo/Bass/Mid/TrebleMode (Switch between FM/ Bluetooth / Aux/Opt/Card)Impressive bass response and full range stereo sound reproduction speakerBuilt-in high capacity rechargeable battery that can last 4-5 hours playing after fully chargedBuilt-in LED DJ Party Lights with multi-color effects, strobe, and laser with sound sensor for exciting visual effectsTop panel has digital clear LCD Display for better control in the dark environment(2) 1/4'' Microphone Inputs(2) Guitar InputsLine inAudio outRCA (L/R) Aux InputUSB charging portUSD input with MP3 player module built-inSD Card inputRecording function built-inBluetooth wireless audio streaming from smartphones & tablets with 49 ft Bluetooth range which works with all of your external devices like iPhone/Android mobile phone/iPad/TabletBack panel has battery charging indicator, LED Light switch, power switch, and charging input jack.Handles and rolling wheels built-in for easy carrying aroundProduct dimension (H x W x L): 47.5 x 15 x 15 inchesShipping dimension ( H x W x L) : 52 x 20 x 20.5 inchesProduct weight: 75 lbsShipping weight: 106 lbsPackage Includes:IPS-DJ07 speaker2 x wireless handheld rechargeable microphones with 3 batteries, charging cable, windscreen, anti-roller, Antenna, and carry-on caseA remote controlPower & Audio Connection CablesOptical CableManual1 Year Warranty

Item Information

Item ID: 1902
Sale price: $ 949
location: Stanton, California, United States
Last update: 27.09.2021
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DJ07 - 2000 Watts - 2 Rechargeable Wireless Mics - Built-In Rechargeable Battery
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