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Everest Violin Shoulder Rest EZ Adjustable 4/4 Arrived 2021/03

$ 13

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For Instrument:Violin

Seller Description

Features: Specially Engineered Fixed Tilt ? The unique computer-modeled design of the EVEREST shoulder rest raises the violin to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle. Teachers, students, and professionals alike have all praised this innovative and distinctive design: teachers love the way it trains correct playing angles, while students and professionals love the comfort, durability, and style.Simple and Virtually Unbreakable ? The one piece body integrated with adjustable leg height means that there are NO angle brackets or swivel mechanisms to break, and NO thumb knobs to misplace.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
The EVEREST Shoulder Rest is made of a strong, high grade ABS material which provides both strength and flexibility, unlike the inexpensive polypropylene plastic that other shoulder rest manufacturers use.Improved Holding Legs and Foam ? Identical and interchangeable parts for both the left and right legs means that there is no longer any need to be confused as to which leg attaches to which side of the body. The holding legs are made of a soft, non-skid, wear-resistant material, with additional height requirements built right into the body of the shoulder rest. The foam is made from high quality, extra-thick and extra-soft neoprene for long-lasting comfort and excellent support.Functionality and Style ? The distinctive 3D computer-modeled design of the EVEREST shoulder rest maximizes comfort without sacrificing style and elegance. Traditional areas of high stress are reinforced for long term durability. Engineered by Americans to American standards, this shoulder rest is built to last.Low Cost ? This shoulder rest is designed to help meet the growing needs of school-based violin programs. With limited funding available to these programs, students simply cannot afford the outrageous and expensive prices other shoulder rest manufacturers are charging.
This auction includes:One Everest Violin Shoulder Rest EZ Adjustable 4/4.
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inkfrog terapeak

Item Information

Item ID: 807
Sale price: $ 13
location: You deals center, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
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Everest Violin Shoulder Rest EZ Adjustable 4/4 Arrived 2021/03
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