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Fender American Pro LE 6-String Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Honeyburst

$ 1649

 for Sale

Guitar Finish:Sunburst (Brown)
Guitar Type:Guitar
Kit Style:Base
Body Material:Ash
Model / Series:American Professional
Body Type:Solidbody
Neck Construction:Bolt-On
Number of Frets:21
Electric Guitar Features:Tremolo Bridge
Pickup Configuration:SSS
Fingerboard Material:Rosewood Fretboard
Strings:6 String

Seller Description

Fender American Professional Limited Edition 6-String Stratocaster Electric Guitar, 22 Frets, Modern "C" Neck, Channel-Bound Rosewood, Gloss Polyurethane, HoneyburstSKU: FE[hidden information]Mfr. Part: 0[hidden information]
Item IncludesFender American Pro Limited Edition 6-String Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Elite Molded Case - Fender 2 Year Warranty

Item Information

Item ID: 1045
Sale price: $ 1649
location: Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
Views: 1

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Fender American Pro LE 6-String Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Honeyburst
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