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Fender Player Series Stratocaster HSS w/Maple Neck in Silver w/FREE Shipping

$ 829

Body Color:Silver
Body Material:Maple
Model:Fender Player Stratocaster HSS
Type:Electric Guitar

Seller Description

Please see photos and message or call us with any pricing questionsor for a detailed "on hand" description.C&M Music Center4543 Johnston St.Lafayette, LA 70503*FREE SHIPPING - USA ONLY*Serial #MX[hidden information]Weight: 7lbs 12ozTech SpecsNumber of Strings:6
Body Type:Solidbody
Body Shape:Stratocaster
Body Material:Alder
Body Finish:Gloss Polyester
Color:Polar White
Neck Material:Maple
Neck Shape:Modern C
Fingerboard Material:Maple
Fingerboard Inlay:Dots
Number of Frets:22, Medium Jumbo
Scale Length:25.5"
Nut Width:1.650"
Nut Material:Synthetic Bone
Bridge/Tailpiece:2-point Synchronized Tremolo
Tuners:Fender Standard Cast/Sealed
Neck Pickup:Player Series Alnico V Strat Single-coil
Middle Pickup:Player Series Alnico V Strat Single-coil
Bridge Pickup:Player Series Alnico II Humbucker
Controls:1 x master volume, 2 x tone, 5-way blade pickup switch
Strings:Fender NPS, .009-.
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Item Information

Item ID: 802
Sale price: $ 829
location: Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Fender Player Series Stratocaster HSS w/Maple Neck in Silver w/FREE Shipping
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