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Fender Player Series Telecaster Left-Handed w/Pau Ferro Neck in Polar White

$ 799

Body Color:White
Model:Fender Player Telecaster
Type:Electric Guitar

Seller Description

Please see photos and message or call us with any pricing questionsor for a detailed "on hand" description.C&M Music Center4543 Johnston St.Lafayette, LA 70503*FREE SHIPPING - USA ONLY*Serial #MX[hidden information]Weight: 8lbs 15ozTech SpecsNumber of Strings6
Body TypeSolidbody
Body ShapeTelecaster
Body MaterialAlder
Body FinishGloss Polyester
Neck MaterialMaple
Neck ShapeModern C
Fingerboard MaterialPau Ferro
Fingerboard InlayDots
Number of Frets22, Medium Jumbo
Scale Length25.5"
Nut Width1.650"
Nut MaterialSynthetic Bone
Bridge/Tailpiece6-saddle String-thru-body with Bent Steel Saddles
TunersFender Standard Cast/Sealed
Neck PickupPlayer Series Alnico V Tele Single-coil
Bridge PickupPlayer Series Alnico V Tele Single-coil
Controls1 x master volume, 1 x master tone, 3-way blade pickup switch
StringsFender NPS, .009-.042

Item Information

Item ID: 139
Sale price: $ 799
location: Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 0
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Fender Player Series Telecaster Left-Handed w/Pau Ferro Neck in Polar White
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