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Foam Handheld Microphone Windscreen 5 Pack Replacement Quality Standard Covers

$ 7

Type:Microphone Windscreen
Compatible Brand:Universal
Custom Bundle:No
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Brand new pack of five black microphone windscreen covers. Included with this purchase you will receive five black microphone covers. These microphone windscreen covers are very good quality and fit almost all microphones! These stretch over your microphone and are made out of a spongy foam material. These windscreen filters work really well! They block the sound of the wind when using a microphone outdoors, and they also help prevent the "puhhh" and "tuhhh" sound when saying or singing words that begin with a "P" or "T". These are a must have for public speaking events, and live performances! These are very nice microphone windscreen filters that you will not be disappointed in!
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Foam Handheld Microphone Windscreen 5 Pack Replacement Quality Standard Covers
Product Description
Pack of 5 Microphone Windscreen Covers
Brand new pack of five black microphone windscreen covers. Included with this purchase you will receive five black microphone covers. These microphone windscreen covers are very good quality and fit almost all microphones! These stretch over your microphone and are made out of a spongy foam material. These windscreen filters work really well! They block the sound of the wind when using a microphone outdoors, and they also help prevent the "puhhh" and "tuhhh" sound when saying or singing words that begin with a "P" or "T". These are a must have for public speaking events, and live performances! These are very nice microphone windscreen filters that you will not be disappointed in!
Designed to Fit Standard Size Handheld Microphones. These have an approximate opening of 1-1/2" and will stretch over 2" to fit over the Microphone. The overall height is approximately 2-3/4" and width is approximately 2-1/4" when it is not stetched.
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Item Information

Item ID: 1079
Sale price: $ 7
location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
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Foam Handheld Microphone Windscreen 5 Pack Replacement Quality Standard Covers
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