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FRENCH CONNECTION Buffalo Sabres Photo Picture PERRAULT ROBERT MARTIN 8x10-16x20

$ 11

Modified Item:No
Framing:Unframed, Print Only
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Print Size:Choice of 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20
Additional Players:Rick Martin, Rene Robert
Player:Gilbert Perreault
Quality:Professional Grade Printed
Team:Buffalo Sabres

Seller Description

Our original Sports Player Art series featuring a unique rendition of the Buffalo Sabres famed "French Connection" line. A One-Of-A-Kind print of Gilbert Perrault, Richard Martin & Rene Robert to cherish & display. Additional details below.
* Listing images with framing/matting are a visual sample of your print framed -frame/matting not included with purchase* Watermarks on listing images willNOTappear on your print
- Available in different sizes- choose options from the drop down menu- Player Art prints are done in true colors and may differ slightly from the generic colors you see on your mobile or pc device
We have a large collection of our original works, including our famous Stadium Skyline prints, so please follow our store links below to purchase all your favorites!
* Same Day Shipping (Mon-Fri) on orders placed before 1pm Eastern* Combined shipping $3.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
95 for your entire order (use the "Add to Cart" button to purchase multiple items for combined shipping)* We go to great lengths to package each print safely & securely!
* 8x10 come borderless* 11x14 & 11x17 come with a small 1/8 inch white border* 16x20 come with a small 1/5 inch white border* Borders on enlargement prints will not show once framed/matted* Prints are exact size and fit standard picture/poster frames (frame/matting not included with purchase)* HORIZONTAL/LANDSCAPE Format
* Beautiful, crisp, clear, high resolution print* Professional Grade printed, with 200 year archival pigment ink on heavyweight, low-glare luster paper for optimal framed display
*SAME DAY SHIPPINGon orders completed before 1pm (Eastern Time) M-F. Orders after 1pm ship the next business day* USPS First Class shipping with tracking included* $3.95 flat rate shipping for your entire order!
* 8x10 & 11x14 prints ship flat between 5-6 layers of protective cardboard and cannot be rolled/folded by your postal carrier* 11x17 & 16x20 prints are wide rolled for quick & easy flattening when opened. Shipped in long Box.
*** Please note that 11x14 sizes may ship rolled when purchased alone with a 11x17/16x20. 11x14 will ship flat when purchased with an 8x10. 8x10 always ship flat.
* We doNOTship photos in flimsy photo mailers. We take great care to make sure your items arrive to you safely!
If you have any questions about our prints & photos or about your order (before or after you purchase), please feel free to contact us anytime by clicking the "contact seller" button in the "Seller Information" box above or on your completed order page

Item Information

Item ID: 525
Sale price: $ 11
location: North Java, New York, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
Views: 0

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FRENCH CONNECTION Buffalo Sabres Photo Picture PERRAULT ROBERT MARTIN 8x10-16x20
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