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Gator Cases GKBE-61 Economy Keyboard Bag

$ 59

Condition:New with tags
Title:Gator GKBE61 Economy Gig Bag for 61 Note Keyboards
Keyboard Capacity:61
Warranty:Limited Lifetime warranty

Seller Description

Gator Cases GKBE-61 Economy Keyboard Bag
Gator GKBE-61 Note Black Economy Keyboard Bag
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Gator GKBE61 Economy Gig Bag for 61 Note Keyboards61-Note Keyboards receive premium protection at an affordable price with Gator Cases’ GKBE-61 Lightweight Keyboard Gig Bag. Dust, dirt, spills and bumps take a serious toll on your keyboard affecting its capabilities, performance and lifespan. Protect your important investment in a way that meets the needs of your keyboard and your wallet too. A rugged Nylon exterior defends keyboards against contaminants while 10mm of premium padding protects against bumps and bruises. This simple, envelope-style bag also features Nylon web handles, making lifting and shifting a breeze. For serious protection that won’t leave you in the dust, choose Gator’s GKBE-61 Lightweight Keyboard Gig Bag.
Rugged Nylon gig bag fits 61-note keyboards10mm PaddingSimple envelope-style bag for entry level portable keyboardsNylon web handles
Exterior Length
Exterior Width
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Exterior Height
Exterior Weight
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Length
Shipping Width
Shipping Height
Shipping Weight

Item Information

Item ID: 607
Sale price: $ 59
location: Avenel, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 13.09.2021
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Gator Cases GKBE-61 Economy Keyboard Bag
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