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Gibson Custom Les Paul Faded Cherry Flame Gloss 1957 Historic Reissue 2012

$ 9750

Condition:Open box
MPN:Does Not Apply
String Configuration:6 String
Country of Manufacture:USA
Style:Les Paul 1957 Reissue
Model Year:2012
Body Type:Solid
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Type:Electric Guitar
Body Material:Solid Wood
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Pristine, Unplayed, As New”

Seller Description

Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les PaulFADED CHERRY GLOSS FLAME TOP
FadedCherry Flame GlossFinish
Accurately Carved Maple Top
1-Piece Mahogany Body
Rosewood Fretboard
1-Piece Mahogany Neck with Long Neck Tenon
Period-Correct Rounded '50s Neck Profile
24-3/4" Scale Length
1-11/16" Nut Width
22 Frets
Burstbucker Pickups
ABR-1 Bridge
Stopbar Tailpiece
Acrylic Trapezoid Inlays
Kluson Style Tulip Tuners
CTS Pots
Bumblebee Capacitors
Nickel Hardware
Gibson Hard Shell Case
Certificate of Authenticity
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Item Information

Item ID: 840
Sale price: $ 9750
location: New York, New York, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Gibson Custom Les Paul Faded Cherry Flame Gloss 1957 Historic Reissue 2012
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