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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Class 5 Blue Quilt ThroBak Pickups - NEAR MINT

$ 3755

Body Color:Blue
Type:Electric Guitar
Series:Gibson Les Paul

Seller Description

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Class 5 Blue Quilt
ThroBak Pickups
Red Hot Guitars
She has had an extensive professional inspection and set up by
an expert Luthier with experience and training from Gibson, Taylor, and
Fender… not a simple Guitar Tech. This level of craftsmanship,
training, experience, and thoroughness makes all the difference in world
in making your guitar its best. Included new strings, adjusted
neck relieve, low action, any needed adjustment at nut and saddle,
pickup height, intonation, fret board conditioning, electronics check,
tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, cleaning and
This item is for sale and shipping only within the continental United
States. Ships via UPS ground only to the verified address used at
checkout with signature required upon delivery. Shipments cannot be
redirected to other delivery address either before shipping by us or
after shipping by you.
The item is as described and seen in the photographs so please review
the listing carefully and ask all questions prior to bidding. We
welcome your questions as we want a happy buyer and positive feedback!!!
Custom Shop
creation from Gibson. This model combined classic elements with more
modern appointments. The bridge, binding, one-piece back, pickup
placement, and headstock shape and inlays remind us of a 60s Les Paul,
but the neck profile and weight relief is modern. Like the
oldies, this one has the long neck tenon, and the wiring harness is old
style 50s wiring with CTS pots and bumblebee caps. The pickups are
ThroBak "Custom" humbuckers, both reading 9.2 kOhms.
overall condition is excellent, with some swirl marks and a tiny scratch
or two.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
There is a tiny chip in the lacquer on the edge of the
headstock overlay above the "G" in "Gibson".
This Les Paul is
quite light at 8lbs 5oz. Action is very low, and the unique neck
profile, neither too beefy or to thin, is very comfortable.
Comes with it's original Custom Shop case in good condition.

Item Information

Item ID: 432
Sale price: $ 3755
location: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Last update: 10.09.2021
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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Class 5 Blue Quilt ThroBak Pickups - NEAR MINT
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