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Gibson USA Bluevolution Firebird X, Case & ALL the Accessories! Mint!!

$ 5000

Size:Full Size
Body Color:Blue
Pedal Technology:Digital
String Configuration:6 String
Product Line:Firebird
Model:Firebird X
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Body Material:Ash
Model Year:2011
Type:Electric Guitar
Body Type:Chambered
Modified Item:No
Seller Notes:“This is in AWESOME condition!”

Seller Description

There are many, many articles about this model; some are good and several are critical. I think a lot of people whocriticizedit never played one.The tones and the action of this guitar are fantastic! It was just a little too gimmicky and advanced for guitar purists!This was going to be the future of the guitar industry with Gibson at the forefront. But it seems that it didn't turn out as Gibson planned. Instead, Firebird X was the one that did Henry Juszkiewicz in!Gibsonadvertised that there were 1800 made, and sold throughout the world!Gibson bought at least six hundred of them back and destroyed them. (There are many video's of this sad event on YouTube)The price of this guitar will not go down. It will go up little by little, so grab it while you can!

Item Information

Item ID: 138
Sale price: $ 5000
location: Springfield, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 1
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Gibson USA Bluevolution Firebird X, Case & ALL the Accessories! Mint!!
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