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Glarry Brass Trumpet Bb with 7C Mouthpiece Golden + Carry Case

$ 155

Finish Material:Gold
Valve Material:Brass
Body Material:Brass
Set Includes:Case, Mouthpiece

Seller Description

Glarry Brass Trumpet Bb with 7C Mouthpiece Golden + Carry CaseMade of brass and cupronickel, this Glarry Bb Brass Trumpet has durable valve system and excellent pipes, with high-quality material that you can trust. It can be your reliable partner in musical practice or competition for its high quality, strong air-tightness capacity, and appealing design. The 4.88 inch Bell Mouth design makes the trumpet sound even better, brighter and more penetrating. It comes with 7C Mouthpiece for Standard Student or Beginner. No need tuning, It is easy to play and it has a pleasing vibrant feel with a well-centered sound.
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Whether you’re a primary beginner or intermediate trumpet lover, this trumpet is here for you to play.Features:1. Excellent Material & Construction Design
Made of durable brass body, brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides. The bell mouth adopts an integrated welding technology. Double discharge valve, nickel and copper discharge without rust.
2. Rich Tone
The 4.88 inch Bell mouth design makes the trumpet sound even better, brighter and more penetrating. With durable valve system and excellent pipes, it has an easy tone and great projection.
3. Great for Beginners
Key Of Bb and 7C Mouthpiece is the preferred option for beginners - helping them achieve a full range of notes with minimal experience. The medium-large bore improves tonal quality for beginner brass players, particularly younger students with smaller lung capacity, making it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately.
Designed for small hands or inexperienced hands, the comfortable grip allows novice players to pay more attention to intonation.
4. Comes with Everything Needed
The package includes trumpet, carrying hard case, 7C mouthpiece, gloves and cleaning cloth. Playable out of the box, no tuning required. Hard case is easy to carry around and provides superior protection for the instrument.
5. Beautiful Finishes
With nice lacquer and superb reflection, available in silver, gold and black finishes, which both are professional and clean looking.
6. Wide Range of Applications
It performs in all sorts of music from classical to big band, jazz, pop or even solos.Specifications:Brand:Glarry
Key:Key Of Bb
Trumpet Body Color:Silver, Golden, Black
Material:Cupronickel, Brass
Mouthpiece Color:Silver
Trumpet All Length:21.46 inch
Bellmouth Diameter:4.88 inch
Package Dimensions:(20.8 x 8.6 x 5.9)"
Trumpet Weight:2.4 lbs
Package Weight:4.7 lbs
Package Includes:1 x Trumpet
1 x Pair of White Gloves
1 x 7 C Mouthpiece
1 x Cloth
1 x Hard CaseNote:
1. The trumpet is a musical instrument that requires frequently cleaning of the valves. Please keep the internal pipes covered with valve oil all the time
2. Please buy valve oil yourself

Item Information

Item ID: 1061
Sale price: $ 155
location: La Puente, California, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
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Glarry Brass Trumpet Bb with 7C Mouthpiece Golden + Carry Case
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